In this section we have listed some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our products and services. We hope this information is helpful to you. If you don’t find the answers that you are looking for, contact our office at (417) 673-2463, or use the contact form on the website.

Who is “Zippy”

A: “Zippy” is our informal-shortcut alias, used in lieu of the full company name or even just “TATEHO OZARK” by our staff, locals, and anyone who wants to be one of the cool kids. Team Zippy is not just our company, it’s a movement!

What are business hours?

A: Office staff are generally on hand from 7:30 to 4:30 weekdays, in the Central Standard Time zone (Same as Chicago, GMT-6).

How do I order?

Q: Can I order online?

A: Not at the present time. If this is important to you, please let us know for future consideration.

Q: Who can help me with my request? Is Tech Support available?

A: Our sales team will work with you to identify whether further technical filtering is needed and research or refer you to our technical braintrust. Once your specific needs are deduced, our sales team will work out the best offer of samples, stock inventory, or a custom build as needed.

Q: Why did/do you ask so many questions about my request for my item?

A: Our products are placed in very unique applications and may be confused with similar ceramics in appearance, material of construction, or design. We want you to be fully informed of limits and welcome your exploration of the edges. You do not need to reveal your proprietary information of course. We will do our best to assist your project, and make any referrals that we can offer.

Q: How do I know the order is received, processed, and placed correctly?

A: Each order is acknowledged with an Order Acknowledgment form, (OA), sent to you as a .pdf or fax if possible. (Telephone placed verbal orders might omit the OA step, especially if shipped same day). The OA specifies delivery dates and breaks out partial deliveries as line items for your information and presumed consent. Please review them carefully for errors that may be caused by misunderstanding your needs or simple entry mistakes. The specified Carrier should be validated, as this mistake cannot be fixed once it is picked up.

Q: The (price/item no./schedule/etc..) on the OA doesn’t match my P.O.. Which is it?

A: Please bring discrepancies to our attention immediately. When we receive an order with an outdated price, we will send the OA with the updated price as well as a NOCR (Notice of Contract Revision). Additionally, we attempt to call your attention to it with the email or verbal correspondence in the transaction as well.

Q: Where is my order / Can you check on it?

A: You can check on the status of your order at any time by contacting our sales team.

Q: Can I pay an expedite fee?

A:  We attempt to accommodate expedite orders when possible a fee is sometimes charged.  The sales team can assist with expedite requests. The ability to expedite your order is not guaranteed but we will do our best to supply our customers needs.

Q: Can I order directly from the Factory? Flip side: Can I order through a rep/agent

A: Orders can be placed directly from Tateho Ozark in Webb City as well as through our agents listed on our locations page.

Q: Can I order/correspond in Spanish/French/German/other?

A:  Our sales team can receive your order via email in any form necessary.

Q: What are the new customer payment policies?

A:  Generally new customers are set on a prepayment term until a relationship is established.  Our sales team can give more details.

Q: What are acceptable forms of payment?



MC/Visa/Discover/AMEX – 3% fee charged for orders over $500.

Wire Transfer

What materials does TATEHO OZARK make?


Fab methods:
Slip cast

What manufacturing methods are used?

Fab methods
Slip cast

What is Slip Casting?

Slip Casting is a technique for production of hollow shapes with uniform wall thickness and an opening to the interior. This is ideal for shapes such as crucibles, trays, tubes, boats, etc.

What are some useful applications for MgO crucibles?

The MgO crucible was developed by Los Alamos National Laboratories during the Manhattan Project to purify the world’s first plutonium. The unique properties of MgO have commercial uses for Molten Metal Alloy Processing, High Temp Ceramic Superconductor Materials, and Piezoelectric Materials Processing. The low cost and ready availability also make it attractive as a substitute for Al203 ware.

What are standard products in stock?

Standard products

Q: Do you have standard Slip Cast Crucibles, Lids, Trays, or Tubes?

A: Yes. There is not a preset stocking level, but we attempt to keep a few months supply of regularly ordered items. In addition, we have other sizes with metric denominations or off-size parts subject to availability. Standard parts list link : MgO-crucibles

Q: Do you have standard crushable MgO insulators available?

A: Yes. We have selected a few designs for routine stocking to meet our heater industry and high pressure geology industry’s common requirements. The MI Cable industry shares a few common sizes to match stock tube and wire dimensions as well, with minor variations. Contact our sales team for details about stock items.

Q; Do you have standard MgO matched cores and spacers?

A: Yes, contact our sales team for details.

Q: Are standard Hafnia insulators available?

A: Yes. check our Hafnium Oxide Extrusions list

Q: Are standard slip cast Alumina parts available?

A: Not routinely. Please contact us with your optimum and acceptable dimensional limits for us to check stock availability.

Q: I want some unprocessed powder. Can I get a little for my needs?

A: Yes. We will supply small quantities as needed to support your application for our finished products. More info here: High Purity Powders

Q: What are the lead times for custom orders or for re-orders of stock or a custom part?

A: This is a multi-part answer, for the different products. Our sales staff can discuss the lead time for your request.  Please contact us with any questions.

Shipping methods

Shipping method is by customer choice. Options include:
UPS Collect
UPS prepaid and added to your invoice
FedEx Collect
various LTL carriers
Any freight forwarder of your choice

Why is MgO used for high performance heater application?

MgO has a rare combination of properties that recommend it for high temperature electrical resistance applications. It has High Thermal Conductivity as ceramics go, not in comparison to metals, and High Insulation Resistance and Dielectric strength by comparison to most simple oxide ceramics, but not as good as low temperature polymers. It has a High Melting Point and Thermal Stability with a low cost.

How is Strength determined?

Strength is determined by MOR testing.

Q: What is MOR?
A: Modulus Of Rupture – Frequently abbreviated as MOR, (sometimes referred to as bending strength), is a measure of a specimen’s strength before rupture.

Q: How is MOR tested?
A: Our MOR test is a modified three point bending test performed according to ASTM standard E1652 Appendix 4. Check out our demonstration video. Modulus of Rupture