Junction Backfill – Thermocouple manufacturers often need to expose the element wires in the ceramic to perform welding and junctioning operations.  An ideal powder will have good bulk density but be fine enough to fill tight places.  This suggests about a 200 to 270 mesh fine powder with limited submicron content.  The designated grades are the best available from our choices, but they may not be ideal for your use.  Screened splits may be available by special quote.

Heater backfill – Cartridge heater manufacturers use MgO grain to complete the heater assembly by filling the grain around the wound core.  A medium grain size powder with few fines is required. TATEHO OZARK’s materials are not suitable for routine use in this application.

Setter sand – MgO is an excellent inert material for use as a firing sand to prevent contamination from firing setters and permit free movement of parts.  It can also be used to mechanically stabilize MgO crucibles used at very high temperatures.  A coarser material is preferred, with few fines for convenience of use.  Some scalping may be needed for your application and can be quoted on request.

Doping – MgO is a useful additive in many ceramic compounds, e.g.  as a grain growth inhibitor in Al2O3.


Purity (min)99.75%99.75%99.4%99.4%96.4%96.4%99.65%99.5+%
Mesh Size-200-40-200-40-200-40-500, -900-400
Particle Size*~30 µ~180 µ~30 µ~180 µ~30 µ~180 µ~5 µ<2 µ
Bulk Densityfairgoodfairgoodfairgoodfairfair
Typical Usebackfillsetter sandbackfillsetter sandbackfillsetter sandbackfillbackfill
100 gm---------------------$200.00
500 gm---------------------$750.00
>2 lb ($/lb)---------------------$1000.00
1 lb ($/lb)$125.00$122.00$42.00$32.00$30.00$22.00$240.00---
2-9 lb ($/lb)$90.00$82.00$30.00$28.00$16.00$14.00$160.00---
10-24 lb ($/lb)$70.00$62.00$22.00$20.00$14.00$12.00$120.00---
25+ lb ($/lb)$60.00$52.00$18.00$16.00$12.00$10.00$100.00---
100+ lb ($/lb)$50.00$46.00$14.00$12.00$10.00$8.00

* Average Particle diameter (D50)

Notes –  Grades CSME and CUME have been ball milled at TATEHO OZARK. TATEHO OZARK may be able to offer screened splits by special quote. TATEHO OZARK will supply original vendor analyses on request.  Packaging will be the most expedient bulk form for secure shipment.