Dateline October 2015 -TOTC has recently produced a limited supply of 0.026” OD x 0.006” ID x double bore Hafnium Oxide extrusions!

Moniek Madness 2015

TOTC has been refining and improving the limits of Hafnium Oxide extrusions since beginning the product line in 1989. One of the barriers has been getting below 1 mm OD (0.039”). Among the technical challenges was simply making the parts straight enough for a user application. Some recent breakthroughs in firing management have surmounted this obstacle.

After many attempts, a successful trial production run made it through the extrusion press. We are not ready to add these items to the catalog, but we are anxious to get them into your new devices and inventions to push existing envelopes.

Please contact us with your questions and ideas!