MgO ceramics are used in High Pressure Test apparatus as a medium for enveloping the sample during the test.   TATEHO OZARK has worked closely with top Academicians to refine our crushable MgO insulators for this elegant and exciting Research and Technology.

TATEHO OZARK is also very proud to work closely with Depths of the Earth and recommend contact with them for any affiliated requirements, including complete turnkey test apparatus.

For further details on material properties and manufacturing suggestions, please refer to our MIMS insulator information.


USES:  High Pressure Research and Diamond Manufacturing.

Description: Squishable MgO insulators are a minor variant of our MIMS insulators.  The same compositions are employed, but the geometry is usually solid cylindrical rod or thick walled tubes.  Some refinements may be made at firing to improve the user’s ability to hand machine the stock into the necessary components.

What do I need to know to order?
Many of you will  use the TATEHO OZARK material as a type of bar stock, and scrape on it with a razor blade or Dremel Moto-tool to suit your needs.  Please let us know of your experiences and capabilities and we will try to choose or specify appropriate strength material.  It is difficult to machine this material, because making it strong enough to clamp means increasing the difficulty of machining.  We typically choose material in the 3000-6000 psi MOR range.


MgO per Grades:  CSM, CKM

TATEHO OZARK will supply the default grade according to availability which normally exceed 99.2% MgO content.

Al2O3 per grade CCA and CUA may also be specified as special order.

Pricing will be quoted on request.