TATEHO OZARK extrudes MgO insulators for the heater industry from high quality MgO obtained from our parent company out of Japan.  Every effort is made to preserve and protect the purity of the MgO in the process of manufacturing a uniform, dimensionally controlled extrusion. Special Additives are used to increase the electrical properties needed for successful heater applications.

TATEHO OZARK uses our CKM (Standard Grade) for all requests stating “Standard” purity or 94% minimum and higher.  This material is designated as “Heater” grade but is also suitable for temperature sensor applications including base metal thermocouples and RTD’s.

Material Composition

TATEHO OZARK uses only high-quality fused grain MgO powders from Japan. It is compounded for best electrical performance for the heater industry.  All of our Heater Grade MgO does meet the ASTM E1652-15 Type 2 specification of a minimum 97% MgO content, even though most heater applications can use material down to 94%. TATEHO OZARK performs the particle size processing to deliver the microstructural and strength properties desired.

For the purpose of finished part identification, TATEHO OZARK part naming will typically use the prefix “T”.

CONTENTTypical Heater Grade MgOASTM Type 2 Spec*
MgO (%)98.38>97.0
CaO (%)0.42<1.5
SiO2 (%).60<3.0
Fe2O3 (%)0.07<0.15
Al2O3 (%)0.38<1.0
C (PPM)<50 ppm<200 ppm
S (PPM)<10 ppm<50 ppm
B (PPM)<10 ppm<50 ppm
Cd (PPM)<10 ppm<10 ppm

Typical uses of TOTC Heater Grade Ceramics:


 Winding Cores/Cartridge heaters – MgO wind cores are used for production of high watt density cartridge heaters.  This heater is characterized by the ability to run at very high power compared to conventional designs.  The heating element is wound on the periphery of the MgO core which permits very effective heat transfer to the surface which is typically a precision diameter for good thermal contact with the heated object.

 Coil Heaters – MgO cores of this type are intended for applications which might involve much bending and reshaping of the heater to make complex shapes. The “coil” is typically made by building a straight heating element and spirally winding the element onto a mandrel to make a finished heater. Identical insulators may be used for cable and tubular applications as well. It is helpful to distinguish the end use in order to optimize the ceramic properties for the complex manufacturing steps.

TOTC 4 hole stock size wind cores and Spacers


ItemIDPart No.ItemDescriptionODODtolID1bcd1ID2bcd2IDtolLgthMOR*
ZTM4152T4152x044034-6Z1/4" master core0.152+/-.0050.0440.070.0340.0820.00364.5-9 Ksi
ZTM4260T4260x060048-6Z3/8" master core0.26+/-.0050.060.1320.0480.1320.00364.5-9 Ksi
ZTM4364T4364x076064-8Z1/2" master core0.364+/-.0050.0760.1760.0640.1760.00384-8 Ksi
ZTM4480T4480x114074-8Z5/8" master core0.48+/-.0080.1140.240.0740.240.00483.5-7 Ksi
ZTM4615T4615x114074-8Z3/4" master core0.615+/-.0100.1140.290.0740.290.00483-6 Ksi
ItemIDPart No.ItemDescriptionODODtolID1bcd1ID2bcd2IDtolThick
ZPA4240B4240s032032-060Z1/4" master spacer0.24+/-.0040.0320.080.0320.070.0030.06
ZPA4362B4362s044-060Z3/8" master spacer0.362+/-.0050.0440.1250.0440.1250.0030.06
ZPA4490B4490s062-062Z1/2" master spacer0.49+/-.0060.0620.1660.0620.1660.0030.062
ZPA4626B4626s105065-072Z5/8" master spacer0.626+/-.0080.1050.230.0650.230.0050.072
ZPA4756B4756s105065-100Z3/4" master spacer0.756+/-.0100.1050.280.0650.280.0050.1