Team TATEHO Ozark – 200 Years Experience on Day 1!

On August 1, 2015, OZARK Technical Ceramics joined forces with TATEHO Chemical Industries.  TATEHO is the longstanding premier producer of high quality MgO powders and world class MgO ceramics.  The OZARK facility in the U.S. complements and supplements the capabilities of the TATEHO facility in Japan.  This merger will provide new synergies and opportunities for further developments to benefit both operations and especially our customers and associated industries.

Although this announcement may come as a surprise to many of our charter customers, suppliers, and fellow professionals, it is the natural conclusion of a 30+ year business relationship between our two companies.  This is especially timely with the turbulence in the fused MgO powder market the last decade where TATEHO was the only steady and stable force in the industry.

Some details and FAQ’s are addressed following.  Please let us know how to make this transition as easy as possible for your purposes.

We thank you for your good wishes, and it is an exciting opportunity for us here at TATEHO OZARK!



Some Big Picture comments:

What are the synergies?  – A short list:

TATEHO is synonymous with high quality fused MgO for over 50 years.  OZARK has had a pipeline to them as a favored customer since inception, but the pipeline had some international twists and turns which prevented optimum coordination.

Even with the obstacles, TATEHO created special high purity MgO powder grades for OZARK in the past, including just last year.  We now have the ability to create more designer blends because of our new ability to work directly with the excellent Engineers, Scientists, and Technicians at TATEHO.

In the past decade, the premier U.S. supplier of heater grade MgO was shut down and alternate sources from Mexico and U.K. are temperamental to work with.

It has been difficult to obtain dependable Analytical results from third party labs.  MgO requires special techniques and experience to get reliable results.   TATEHO has a complete laboratory for chemical, micrographic, and particle size analyses at our disposal.


What about the OZARK team?

Simple.  No changes.  The whole team with our 200 years of service is aboard for business as usual.  The founders and key employees are eager to take advantage of the new opportunities and leverage enabled by this merger.  The sales network, especially including OZARK Europe is remaining in place and will be vital to the future evolution.

Does this mean there is one less supplier?

No.  If you already purchased world class ceramics from either OZARK or TATEHO, or both, you have not lost a supplier, you have gained one!  The two production operations will share technology and resources to provide redundancy and efficiency.

Will TATEHO OZARK continue to look at my crazy ideas?

YES!  It is in our cultural DNA to push the envelope!  We have a chance to be even more creative now.  We have a commitment to the long game, and we will use additional resources available to address new ventures or ideas.

One stop shopping for MgO powders,  Extrusions, and Crucibles*!!