4 hole HRM

Are you looking for some High Density MgO for your application? Are you needing more than 1-hole in your High Density MgO? Do you like Big Sticks? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!!! Tateho Ozark (TOTC) is proud to introduce the addition of a 2+2 hole .615 OD High Density MgO insulator. Hit us up for details!!!!

TOTC has been dibbling and dabbling in this market on a limited basis. In recent years we have geared up to offer and produce the best High Density MgO we can, not only by offering better quality, but by adding new products to our catalog.

TOTC is continually striving to improve this product. There are still wrinkles to iron out, but we are on the right track. Hop on board on this exciting new venture.

Please contact us with questions.