Specialty Extrusions

TATEHO OZARK has added variations of MgO and extended our extrusion capability to other important Oxide ceramic materials to meet special niche requirements.

This list includes both developmental products and fully mature products which don’t happen to fit into the heater and temperature sensing category (as well as those that do!)


HUH-CUH – High purity Hafnium Oxide extrusions

Hafnia insulators, hard and soft fired Hafnia insulators, beads, or pellets.

High purity crushable Aluminum Oxide extrusions

crushable preform, swageable preform, thermocouple insulators, blocks, pellets, MIMS insulators, beads

Grade FUS – Fused Silica Crushable Insulators

SiO2, Silica, Fused Quartz, Silicon Oxide, Flint

High Density Magnesium Oxide GRADE HRM

Sparge Tubes, OBE tubes, MgO High Density tubes, MgO hard fired tubes

Grade SPN Spinel crushable insulators

Magnesium Aluminate, MgO/Al2O3 Spinel, Alumina Rich Spinel, MgAl2O4

Hard fired Insulators

beads, double bore tubing, multi-hole tubing, ceramic beads, fish-spine beads