Below is the Email Server information:
These are the basic details needed to access the email services.

Incoming mail (POP/IMAP):
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Port Number (POP): 110, 995*
Port Number (IMAP): 143, 993*
Port Number (SMTP): 25, 587, 465*
Username: *
Password: ************
(Please contact MyModernWeb at 417-454-2087 to retrieve your email address or password.)



Configuring email settings may be different for each software client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) but all share the same basic requirements for settings. Your email account supports both POP and IMAP protocols so select which is best for you (Most modern email programs support both standards).

  • IMAP (recommended) leaves mail on the server, making it easier to check from different locations.
  • POP downloads all of your mail to your computer.


Webmail Client

You may access your email from any computer by using our webmail client at the link below. You can also use this link to update your password or setup and auto-reply for your email account:

Please contact MyModernWeb at 417-454-2087 to add or remove email accounts.