Standard products

Q: Do you have standard Slip Cast Crucibles, Lids, Trays, or Tubes?

A: Yes. There is not a preset stocking level, but we attempt to keep a few months supply of regularly ordered items. In addition, we have other sizes with metric denominations or off-size parts subject to availability. Standard parts list link : MgO-crucibles


Q: Do you have standard crushable MgO insulators available?

A: Yes. We have selected a few designs for routine stocking to meet our heater industry and high pressure geology industry’s common requirements. The MI Cable industry shares a few common sizes to match stock tube and wire dimensions as well, with minor variations. Contact our sales team for details about stock items.


Q; Do you have standard MgO matched cores and spacers?

A: Yes, contact our sales team for details.


Q: Are standard Hafnia insulators available?

A: Yes. check our Hafnium Oxide Extrusions list


Q: Are standard slip cast Alumina parts available?

A: Not routinely. Please contact us with your optimum and acceptable dimensional limits for us to check stock availability.


Q: I want some unprocessed powder. Can I get a little for my needs?

A: Yes. We will supply small quantities as needed to support your application for our finished products. More info here: High Purity Powders


Q: What are the lead times for custom orders or for re-orders of stock or a custom part?

A: This is a multi-part answer, for the different products. Our sales staff can discuss the lead time for your request.  Please contact us with any questions.


Shipping methods

Shipping method is by customer choice.  Options include:

UPS Collect

UPS prepaid and added to your invoice

FedEx Collect

various LTL carriers

Any freight forwarder of your choice