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TATEHO OZARK does not mine, synthesize or manufacture any of the raw materials that are used in our finished ceramics.  We do a modest amount of calcination and doping to some of our as-received materials, and some of our product areas demand extensive particle size manipulation, but otherwise we depend on quality sources for our feedstocks.  As a convenience to our customers, we will re-package our high purity powders for your use in limited quantities which are impractical to obtain from the bulk suppliers.  We are not in the business of re-selling other vendors’ products, and will gladly supply you with the names and contacts for you to purchase directly if you wish.  Until then, we have established the following price schedules and grade descriptions for your reference:



Junction Backfill – Thermocouple cable manufacturers often need to expose the element wires in the ceramic to perform welding and junctioning operations, or they may not be able to slide the ceramic over the junction at the beginning.  An ideal powder will have good bulk density for packing densely, and not contain coarse particles which can cause wire damage on further processing.  This suggests about a 200 to 270 mesh fine powder with limited submicron content.  Unfortunately, OZARK has limited grades available, and the designated grades are the best available from our choices

Heater fill – Cartridge heater manufacturers use MgO grain to complete the heater assembly by filling the grain around the wound core.  A free flowing, good bulk density powder is needed, with less emphasis on maximum particle size.

Setter sand – MgO is an excellent inert material for use as a firing sand to prevent contamination from firing setters and permit free movement of parts.  It can also be used to mechanically stabilize MgO crucibles used at very high temperatures.  A coarser material is preferred, with few fines for convenience of use.

Doping – MgO is a popular additive in many ceramic compounds, and high purity fused MgO powders are not readily available.

PARTICLE SIZE PROCESSING:  The suggested pricing is for “as-is” material.  There is a fee to  perform sieving operations on the coarser materials to refine the particle size if needed.  On the fine end of the scale, if we have some milled powders on hand that meet your requirements, there is no fee to substitute them.
RECYCLING? –TATEHO  OZARK has often been asked about the possibility of recycling unused MgO or HfO2 products.  Unfortunately for the environment perhaps, there is no practical re-processing scheme that will supply the quality of raw materials needed for our process.  Even our 96.4% grade material is actually an engineered 99+% purity raw material, and no small scale processes can achieve that result at any price, much less in a cost effective manner.